Improvements in data center performance and energy efficiency remain hot topics in the data center world. Managers are often under a spotlight when it comes to improving in these areas, yet put off making beneficial changes. The following five reactions are what we hear most often at Vertiv when asking a customer why he or she does not want to upgrade their equipment.

1. It’s not in my budget. Budget is often the number one reason a customer does not consider upgrading his/her thermal equipment. Customers either don’t have the annual operating or capital budget available. However, there are many other options rather than simply using budgeted dollars. Financing equipment is quite common. In fact, approximately 70 percent of businesses finance equipment. Why not finance an installed thermal upgrade? These upgrades deliver a return on investment (ROI) with operational savings greater than the financing costs. You can finance against your operating budget, spread the payments out over time, conserve cash, and preserve credit lines. This allows the savings to more than cover the cost of the upgrade.

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