Application:Indoor Practice Facility
System Style & Quantity:2 Outdoor Heating and Cooling Johnson Air Rotation Systems
  • Zero Space Impact – The Customer wanted a state-of-the-art football facility for training and recruiting. It was extremely important to the University that the space maintained comfortable temperatures in the winter and during the extreme heat of the summer. Also, the University requested a system without ductwork or an interior footprint.
  • Acoustics – The coaching staff required the HVAC equipment servicing the space be extremely quiet so they could be heard from across the field in this expansive new practice space.
  • Seismic Requirements – The engineering company required that any HVAC system needed to be seismically braced and required extensive calculations to meet seismic requirements.
  • Zero Space Impact – The University installed two Johnson Air-Rotation HVAC Systems along the exterior of the facility, allowing for a ductless HVAC system capable of conditioning the entire facility with no physical impact on the indoor floor space.
  • Acoustics – Johnson provided technical and physical upgrades to the system to meet the strict acoustic performance guidelines. With supply and return air attenuators, double wall construction (with perforated interior liner and sound insulation to act as a sound trap), and high efficiency premium plenum fans, the system is able to maintain the sound level at 63dBa (which exceeded the athletic facility requirements).
  • Seismic Requirements – The Johnson in-house engineering team performed structural design calculations to ensure the systems would meet the high seismic requirements from the local engineering firm by attaching seismic anchors to the HVAC systems.


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