The aircraft manufacturing company constructed a new facility that required 1,200 tons of cooling. A cooling system was designed by the mechanical contractor to meet the cooling quota with forty-two rooftop units. This system could not be structurally handled by the building’s current construction and required additional reinforcements or re-building to accommodate the increased rooftop weight.


Johnson’s engineering team eliminated the need for any new construction to the existing building by designing six outdoor-placed Johnson Air-Rotation Systems that were seamlessly incorporated into the current building structure. The Johnson Air-Rotation System reduced the cost of the project due to less equipment, building penetrations, utility connections, duct work and labor hours. In addition, after going with the Johnson Air-Rotation System the customer saved so much money he was able to upgrade to a chilled water system versus the DX system they believed they would have to use with the rooftop units.


The mechanical contractor was extremely happy with how easy the Johnson Air-Rotation Systems were to assemble. The mechanical contractor said the 1st Johnson Air-Rotation system took 3.5 hours to install and connect to the building, by the time they installed the 6th Johnson Air-Rotation System they had it down to 1 hour. In addition, the customer was pleased the Johnson Air-Rotation Systems paint color was matched exactly to the overall building color, blending into the space perfectly. Overall, the customer saved on numerous installation costs associated with rooftop units, allowing them to install a chilled water system and resulting in no additional building work needed during construction as well as savings on utility connections, keeping the project on time and on budget.

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