While edge data centers are not an entirely new concept, they are gaining in popularity and quickly becoming deployed throughout the United States.  Quite simply, an edge data center is a scaleable, swiftly deployable solution devised to reduce the latency between provider and user.  Data centers on the edge are most frequently used today by telecom companies and large web scale media providers to serve content to its subscribers at a faster rate.  Instead of content having to travel a longer distance to the consumer, edge data centers bring the content closer to where it’s being consumed.

This change to smaller, more scattered data centers is linked to the type of content being consumed and the way in which content is received.  People are streaming content and downloading at a faster rate, and AI is quickly making its way into entertainment.  As a result, we’re seeing more of these smaller, pop-up data centers taking shape to meet the demands of the industry.

There are several key components to a successful “edge” data center – speed of deployment, redundancy, scalability and efficiency.  Hardware and servers are obviously critical, but the proper cooling required for an edge data center is rarely discussed.  Motivair Corporation, an industry leader in cooling systems and chillers, offers these three reasons for utilizing its ChilledDoor® Rack Cooling System and packaged chiller portfolio for the Edge:

Scaleability – As technology evolves, more content is consumed by more customers.  Most edge data centers are designed initially for 10kW per rack, but need to incorporate an on-demand cooling solution to accommodate densities ramping up and scaling back as data usage fluctuates.  Active rear door cooling, such as Motivair’s ChilledDoor® solution, can allow for higher densities and quickly scale if necessary.  In fact, the ChilledDoor® can be designed to cool up to 75kW per rack allowing for future densities without having the change the entire cooling system down the road.

Efficiency – Providers are looking for significant efficiency gains when deploying edge data centers.  Greater efficiency translates into optimal performance and a better user experience.  The correct cooling system in an edge data center can provide such efficiencies by utilizing EC fans, which only cooling the area where it’s needed (at the rack level).

Also, adding a chiller with integrated Free-Cooling technology can increase efficiencies for edge data centers.  Energy savings in areas with   cooler winter months are substantial since the free-cooling system allows the compressors within the chillers to stage off in cooler weather.  This drives overall chiller efficiencies and dramatically reduces the wear and tear on chiller components due to fewer start-ups and running hours during winter months.  As an industry leader in free-cooling technology and with a chiller portfolio from 5 – 500 Tons (15kW – 1.76MW), Motivair has the design experience of pairing chillers outside the edge facility with cooling systems inside the data center’s white space.

Speed of deployment – The success of a data center on the edge is measured by the speed in which it delivers content to customers.  As such, as more content is consumed there will be a demand for more edge data centers.  Motivair can meet that growing demand with standard or custom solutions for ChilledDoor® or chiller plants available with 6 – 12 weeks delivery.

The rapidly increasing demand for digital content will continue to drive up computer densities inside edge data centers.  Outfitting these facilities with scalable and future-proof power and cooling technologies will play a critical role in both the user experience and return on investment for the edge data center owner and operator.



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