Skyblade Fan Company received an inquiry from a tennis club experiencing daily obstacles with both heating and cooling. High energy costs during cooler months, players quickly fatiguing themselves from heat exhaustion and low attendance on warmer days were the issues plaguing this facility. With the building’s existing poor air movement, it was too hot for the players in the summer and too costly to heat the facility in winter. At the time, the tennis club was using multiple small paddle fans to help cool the facility during the summer. However, this was not making a noticeable difference to either the players or operational energy costs. These small paddle fans were simply creating pockets of stagnant hot air and moving the warm air pockets around, causing the players to sweat more. Deciding that it was time to change to a cost friendly and cooler solution, the tennis club found SkyBlade.


  • Warmer Months: Players experiencing heat exhaustion.
  • Cooler Months: Facilities high operational costs.



  • 30 Ft. sloped ceilings.
  • 71,500 Sq. Ft. tennis facility with eight courts.
  • High rated insulation in both roof and walls.
  • Forced hot air heating system.
  • 32 standard size paddle fans, replaced with four 20 Ft. Skyblade HVLS fans.


  • Tennis


SkyBlade evaluated the tennis clubs issues and drafted a grand slam solution. By using four 20 Ft. (6.1M) diameter STOL Series HVLS fans, SkyBlade was able to redirect the air flow through the building. STOL technology, integrated within the design of the blades, allowed slow moving columns of air to be redirected evenly over the courts. This redirection of air movement easily reduced the scorching temperatures present on the hottest summer days as well as provided a cool, non-breezy playing environment for the tennis club. During the winter season, the increase in building destratification introduced by our HVLS fans helped to evenly recycle and redistribute the heat trapped at the ceiling level throughout the facility, ultimately reducing the facilities seasonal heating cost by 25%. “It was an ace in our books!”, the head tennis manager told SkyBlade.


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