Air movement and ventilation is a necessary component in any construction or design. Diverting vehicular exhaust, controlling the discharge of toxic chemicals, and providing clean breathable air to your office space all require air movement technology. From the mundane to the most critical, Ward-Boland has industry-leading air movement solutions to offer. We work with multiple award-winning manufacturers to ensure that we can offer high-efficiency, low-sound, and consistently reliable systems for our customers.

Featured Air Movement Solutions

Greenheck FumeJet

Greenheck’s FumeJet line of exhaust fans with integral stacks are designed to safely remove and disperse fumes and odors. FumeJet systems replace utility set fans with field supplied intake ducts and exhaust stacks to ensure a safe roof deck area and aid in preventing re-entrainment of contaminated air into air intake systems.

DuctSox SkeleCore Pull-Tight

SkeleCore Pull-Tight is a fabric retention and suspension system that utilizes a combination of internal hoops and tensioning baskets to help maintain fabric shape and retention. Pull-Tight is suspended from either a tension cable or track suspension system and is tensioned externally utilizing a tension cable lock. This system improves start-up performance, eliminates inflation pop noises and movement at start-up, and prevents fabric sagging and drooping.

Monoxivent Norfi-Monoxirail System

The Norfi-Monoxirail System offers a versatile exhaust solution with a rail adaptable to a range of environments. The Monoxirail connects to all standard hose reels, simple drops, and welding arms, creating a free and open work environment. The system’s hose reel offers a convenient and efficient solution for extracting harmful emissions from all types of service areas.

Hunter ECO HVLS Fan

The ECO HVLS Fan utilizes a custom direct drive motor specifically designed for the industrial fan market and blades designed by aerospace engineers. The ECO line offers a full range of control options, including our standard 1:1 analog control and our networkable touchscreen controls with the flexibility to manage up to 30 fans. Plug-and-play technology and lightweight components make the ECO quick and easy to install.

Tuttle & Bailey Chilled Beam

TACB series active chilled beams are available with eight (8) optional nozzle configurations. Each is designed to provide high induction rates for secondary room air, resulting in high cooling and heating capacities. This makes them suitable for applications in building perimeter zones with higher loads, as well as internal zones.

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