Achieving an optimal indoor climate requires a ventilation and air conditioning solution that takes humidity and heat into consideration. Proper humidity levels are essential for maintaining healthy living and work environments and ensure that your critical IT systems are protected. Ward-Boland offers solutions for both humidification and dehumidification and can provide solutions to meet the most stringent environmental controls.

Featured Humidity & Heating Solutions

Nortec NH-EL Humidifier

Nortec NH-EL electrode steam humidifiers offer complete application flexibility to systems engineers, contractors, and customers needing a commercial/industrial humidifier. They can be integrated into central HVAC systems or placed in specified locations for individual room control. Models are available to serve small or large areas with outputs of 5 – 200 lbs/hr and come equipped with an advanced touch screen controller for increased precision.

DCA Dehumidifiers

DCA commercial dehumidifiers are used in commercial swimming pool and spa rooms in hotels, health clubs, high schools, universities, retirement communities, and other facilities. DCA designs and manufactures commercial dehumidifiers to address factors such as continuous blower operation, tempered outdoor make-up air, pool room exhaust fans, and proper rejection of condensate to floor drains.

Nortec ML Humidifiers

All Nortec ML Series humidification modules can be combined in one or more rooms or halls depending on space, room configuration, type of production and similar factors. For applications in production areas with high ceilings as well as the horticulture sector, the ML Princess 3 is the ideal solution. ML Solo Series is used in applications with small moisture requirements such as the fruit and vegetable departments, or rooms with low ceilings.

Redd-i Duct Heaters

Redd-i supplemental duct mounted heating systems can be used to heat cold rooms or additions without needing to upgrade your central HVAC system. These systems are offered in a variety of models to suit the needs of your specific project. Utilizing TPI SilentBoot, these duct heaters can operate at whisper-quiet levels in rigid duct applications. Heavy duty booster fans eliminate humidity from basements, crawl spaces, and damp areas.

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