Greenheck Fan Corporation is known worldwide as the premier manufacturer of air-movement and control equipment. Its flagship ventilation products can be found in a variety of applications and environments, including globally recognized medical facilities and large-scale distribution centers. With a focus on energy efficiency and technological innovation, Greenheck offers a range of air movement products, including fans and ventilators, centrifugal and vane axial units, make-up air units, energy recovery ventilators, dampers, louvers, and kitchen ventilation systems. No other company offers a wider selection of these products.


Koch Filter is a leading manufacturer of indoor air filtration solutions that protect the quality of life for individuals while protecting processes and equipment in the workplace. Koch’s offering include medium and high efficiency filters, HEPA filters, disposable commercial and Industrial filters, pleated filters, carbon and gas phase filters, industrial coatings filtration, filter frames and housings, industrial cartridges and more!


Franklin Control Systems is a leading provider of intelligent Industrial and HVAC motor controls. Their innovative products can be found in schools, military bases, sports venues, museums, and commercial buildings. Franklin products are manufactured to the highest quality standards within a UL 508 facility.


Founded in 1995, Dehumidifier Corporation Of America (DCA) creates industry-leading dehumidification solutions for a variety of applications. DCA takes pride in offering the best possible product line incorporating the latest proven technologies at the most competitive price in the industry. As specialized experts in the field of dehumidification, DCA is able to provide critical experience and quality solutions for every project.


For over 60 years, Monoxivent has created smart and innovative air cleaning solutions for customers in workspace environments. Their exhaust systems eliminate hazardous fumes and particulates at the source, ensuring a safe and clean work environment. Having grown from a small shop in 1953 to a thriving corporation today, Monoxivent is proud to offer highly acclaimed source capture systems and products to its customers.


DuctSox Corporation, headquartered in Peosta, Iowa, is a manufacturer of commercial and industrial fabric air dispersion products for open ceiling architecture, critical environments, and under floor applications. Their fabric systems are a cost effective, aesthetically attractive alternative to metal ductwork and diffusers. DuctSox designs can be simple, straight systems or very intricate layouts that incorporate fittings such as radius elbows, Ts, and transitions. No matter the project, DuctSox is able to provide an effective and efficient solution.


As the inventors of the first ceiling fans in the late 1800’s, the Hunter Fan Company has launched Hunter Industrial, a division focused entirely on HVLS fans in the industrial and commercial market. Hunter Industrial offers a variety of fan sizes and has a competitive edge when it comes to efficiency, installation cost, weight, and maintenance.


Enviro-Tec products for zone control air conditioning meet the highest standards for quiet, efficient performance. Manufactured since 1979 in Largo, Florida and Ajax, Ontario, Enviro-Tec products are shipped around the world to air condition office buildings, hospitals, universities, schools, stores, hotels, and multifamily dwellings. Their leading solutions include variable volume and constant volume terminals, fan coil units, and indoor air-handling units.


A premier provider of hydronic solutions, Federal Pump Corporation has earned a reputation for quality, good performance, and reliability. Federal Pump manufactures a range of products and systems, including sump pumps, centrifugal pumps, water pressure systems, sewage ejectors, bolder feed units, condensate units, and heating and air conditioning circulators.


Haskris is an industry specialist in process fluid chillers for MRI, laboratory, and high performance applications. Haskris brings decades of design experience to develop the most advanced and reliable water chillers for the critical applications depend upon them.


Thermal management solutions from Vertiv/Liebert provide critical cooling for data centers and mission critical infrastructure. Their systems deliver cost savings, improved energy efficiency, and high availability.


Powered Aire Inc. was founded in 1997 with the goal of producing a superior air curtain at an affordable price. Over 15 years later, Powered Aire is an industry leader, specializing in the design, engineering, and manufacturing of a full line of competitively priced stainless steel commercial and industrial air curtains.


Redd-i Products Company has been supplying the HVAC industry with quality, affordable comfort systems for over 40 years. Their many products include VAV systems, duct heaters, hazardous location unit heaters, and residential wall heaters.


Since 1985, Triatek has been on the forefront of designing and manufacturing innovative airflow solutions for critical environments. Headquartered near Atlanta, Georgia, Triatek provides end-to-end solutions for healthcare facilities, laboratories, and municipal facilities around the world. Their product line includes Venturi air valves, room pressure controllers, fume hood controllers, remote monitors, sensors, and actuators all designed to seamlessly integrate into a facility’s building automation system.


As a major manufacturer in the gas detection industry, Honeywell Analytics is involved in the design, research and development, manufacturing, sales, and after-sales technical support of a comprehensive range of health and environmental protection devices. For nearly 50 years, their products have protected people from harmful chemicals and hazardous pollutants.


Accurex is focused on the special ventilation needs of restaurants and other food service establishments. Accurex offers a comprehensive product line featuring innovative designs, easy installation and maintenance, and cost-effective operation.


JumpLights is a Maryland-based company focused on the high-growth LED horticultural Lighting market for Cannabis and Greenhouse commercial crop production. They have created breakthrough patent pending technology and products that enable growers to increase productivity by up to 60%. The result is enabling growers to increase their premium crop harvest without expansion of their facility size.


Automatic Airflow Balancing is the first company in the USA to manufacture the Automatic Balancing Valve (ABV), a pressure independent airflow valve that maintains constant airflow volume in HVAC applications.


Edmonds USA specializes in the construction and design of ventilation systems for commercial, industrial, and residential applications. Edmonds USA offers the breakthrough hybrid rooftop ventilator, which building engineers and architects are using to reduce cooling costs and limit the need for air conditioning.


Tuttle & Bailey is a leading manufacturer of commercial grilles and registers. Utilizing the best technology from such companies as Barber Colman and Air Devices, Tuttle & Bailey maintains one of the most complete lines in the commercial plan and spec marketplace.


Since its inception, Subzero Engineering has helped numerous companies make the most of their data center cooling by creating a more energy efficient data center through the use of custom-designed hot and cold aisle containment.


KwiKool designs and manufactures portable cooling systems for a wide variety of applications. KwiKool offers air cooled and water cooled systems, indoor/outdoor units, heat pumps, and ceiling mounted units.


Bard Manufacturing is the HVAC industry’s leading innovator of wall-mount air conditioning and heat pump technology. Bard’s products include interior and exterior wall-mounts, as well as geothermal heating, oil furnaces, and controls.


Monoxivent creates FRP Solutions for an enduring tomorrow in a multitude of applications.  Their products include Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic duct, stacks, tanks and so much more.


Delaware Valley Manufacturing delivers a comprehensive, long-term solution to support mission-critical power requirements for each client. They accomplish this by combining decades of switchgear experience with unparalleled engineering expertise across multiple industries.  DVM has a unique capability of combining over thirty years of experience as a switchgear provider with superior engineering expertise.


FläktGroup aims to be the leading strategic partner for smart energy efficient Indoor Air and Critical Air Solutions and be recognized by customers as the technology leader providing highest quality standards for improved Air Comfort, safety and well-being. FläktGroup specializes in parking garage ventilation fans.


Emergency Lighting Inverters & Power Conditioning Transformers. Controlled Power Company is leader in the engineering and manufacturing of the highest quality commercial and industrial electrical power quality solutions and related services at the heart of supporting our electrical infrastructure.


For over 40 years Mee Industries has led the world with innovative water fog technology. Their commercial humidifiers have been applied to a wide variety of buildings including data centers, office buildings, labs, and museums worldwide. The MeeFog commercial humidifier is an effective alternative to traditional more expensive methods of humidification. Their solutions include adiabatic humidifiers and water treatment.


Surge Protection Devices (SPDs). Raycap is a global electrical protection and connectivity solutions manufacturer, supplying industrial surge protection, connectivity, and power management solutions for telecommunications, energy, transportation, and other industrial markets, and concealment solutions for wireless networks.


With solutions including uninterruptible power supplies, surge protection, power distribution, DCIM, and thermal management, Liebert Maryland offers a complete solution to your mission critical infrastructure needs.


Macurco Inc., encompassing Macurco, AimSafety, and TracXP brands, excels globally in providing advanced, rapidly deployable gas detection systems. These intelligent solutions, known for their real-time safety and toxic threat detection, are backed by 50 years of expertise in residential, commercial, and industrial applications. Renowned for high performance and reliability, Macurco’s products are highly regarded among distributors and users.

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